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Miami’s New Breed of Real Estate Business

Carrington Real Estate Services understands better than most that time is money. As a home buyer, you cannot afford to waste time looking at listings that are not right for you, especially if you have a hard deadline to get settled into your new home. If you are selling, you know that the longer a place stays on the market, the more likely it is that its price will depreciate.

At Carrington, we do things differently to maximize your time. Using the latest technology, we help sellers gain exposure for their listings quickly. Through extensive buyer pre-qualification and questioning, we will make sure to bring you directly to the listings that fit your requirements. Carrington exists because of our team’s unique ability to connect buyers with sellers in as little time as possible.

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3 Ways Carrington Real Estate Services Isn’t Like the Rest


Everyone knows how important location is in the real estate world. The same holds true for your real estate agent’s office. The Carrington office in Sunny Isles Beach is located in a busy, desirable neighborhood. We see lots of traffic from real estate investors and families that are looking to purchase or sell property in the Miami area.

Access to a National Network

We have assembled an expert team at Carrington, but we also recognize that not everyone we work with will be a local. To help make the buying and selling process easier, we leverage our entire network of over 35 national offices to help us gather data, compare market trends, and help buyers that want to make a smart investment and sellers that want to incorporate powerful marketing techniques. Our national reach helps make us a stronger local business in the south Florida community.

Attention To Detail

The devil is in the details, especially in real estate. Your agent should have a detailed profile of you (as a buyer). It should show what kind of place you are looking for, where you want to live, and how much you want to pay. As a seller, you need an agent that has a thorough understanding of the local market and how to attract different types of buyers. Carrington knows how to sweat the details when it comes to clients and their target markets.

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What We Offer: Our Services

For Buyers

At Carrington, our experience gives us the ability to understand what to look out for in the buying process. You can trust us to coordinate every step of the buying process based on your needs and desires. Because we have a large presence around the country, our agents have access to pertinent real estate data, research tools, and a strong network of colleagues that help them find you the right place quicker than most.

For Sellers:

The two most important elements of selling a home are time and price. It is no coincidence that these elements are closely intertwined. At Carrington, our agents understand how to sell your home quickly, which helps give you a better chance at selling your home profitably as well.

Our Agents:

Carrington’s agents are thoroughly trained and equipped with all of the necessary tools for success. We give our agents individual guidance to help develop their skills and ability to understand their clients. We use the latest technological resources to ensure that our team not only knows how to help you buy or sell a home, but is prepared to do so efficiently.